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Fall down seven times get up eight…

    I remember in elementary school liking the three eastern expansion teams. Charlotte, Orlando and Miami. All three teams had young players and were all exciting in their own charming way. My first favorite heat player was none other than Steve "Tricky" Smith. He wore number 3 which I wore for soccer. My 6th grade year he got traded along with Grant Long for Kevin Willis. I remember hearing about the trade on the way to F.C Martin. As an 11 year old I knew it wasn't a good trade. 6th grade was the first year I got to watch the Heat regularly instead of sparingly. I still liked the Magic and Hornets but led by Glen Rice the Heat became my team. Sadly they didn't make the playoffs like the Shaq/Penny led magic or the Zo/LJ hornets.

Riley Era

    That summer my cousins from New York came over to Miami and I finally got to hang out with them after not seeing them for about five years. Danny was your typical diehard New York fan. He was really pissed off over the rumors flying around in New York that Pat Riley was leaving New York to go to Miami. I still remember seeing the Miami Herald headline. It said SHOWTIME, with a picture of Pat Riley. Wow, for the first time ever the Heat mattered nationally and the buzz around the city was insane.

New Yorkers like Danny did not like this.

    It was a great first year, they made the playoffs and traded for Tim Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning. Of course they lost to a juggernaught Bulls team. Still it was a good beginning for the Riley era. My favorite memory from that season was when I went to the ballet with my family and I brought a radio with me so I can listen to the Heat/Suns game.

After that season I never lost faith in Riley


    The next season Miami went on to win 61 games losing to the Bulls but not until winning a thrilling 7 games series against the Knicks. That season and the next had stupid yet entertaining fights that cost both teams a series. A lockout happens and boy did that suck for me. However the season resumed and the Heat got the first seed but lost after Alan Houston's lucky shot. Even though it was pure bullshit they even had possession because it was clearly out on NY but the refs still gave them the ball (why did every1 forget this)?


    My junior year in high school the Heat put together another good regular season but sadly they lost to the knicks by one point in a deciding game again! People were pissed and I was devastated! I was really sad and numb after they lost that game 7. My senior year the franchise player Alonzo Mourning got a rare kidney disease and the Heat weren't the same after that. Tim Hardaway got old and his knees just couldn't keep up with the NBA grind. After getting swept the Heat weren't the same and they had back to back losing seasons. All I had going for me was Riley and Eric Reid.


    Even though the Heat was slumping bad and everybody decided they hated the Heat I met another die hard Heat fan at FIU. His name was Frank, one of the few other people I know that seen every 82 games in a regular season before (along with all 50 of the lockout season). Even though they weren't very good we still trusted in Riley. Of course we hated the Ricky Davis for Chris Gatling trade. We liked the idea of getting draft picks with both of us wanting Lebron, Carmelo and Jay Williams for those drafts. We were happy with Caron Butler and Dwyane Wade. I was in New York for the 2003 draft. Danny and I were both humble about our teams not doing well. I saw we drafted Wade and I was relieved, reports had us drafting Chris Kaman (white center) T.J Ford (5'11 guard) or some foreign player named Lampe (I can't even spell his first name so you know he is a nobody). Kaman and Ford both ended up being good players and I remembering wanting Chris Bosh but I was happy to take Wade because as always in Riley we trust. Danny made a snide remark and said "so what you ain't got Melo".


    That summer we signed Lamar Odom who instantly became my favorite Heat player. Before the season started, Riley resigned (no) I was sad to see him step down but it was nice to see he was going to stay on as president. I still was excited because of the Odom, Butler and Wade era was upon us. A slow start, they started off 0-7 but I finally got to see my first game live thanks to Mayte, Rob and Frank. A tough season but they finally clicked at the end of the season and it was an incredible ride. They lost in the second round but Wade showed up he can be a future all star.

    That offseason the Heat traded for Shaq and surprise surprise everybody became Heat fans. I was excited for the trade but also sad to see Odom leave; he was a true Heat even if it was for one year. Fun year they won 59 games but lost to the Pistons in seven games. Disappointing but not as bad as the Knicks losses or when Riley resigned as head coach. I mean I did get an autograph jersey from Shaq!
The girl who gave me this, took it back she indian gave.


    Wow ok enough of the set up now is the championship season. The regular season was interesting, it was obvious this was a team built for the playoffs but people were just too impatient. During the second round I had to move to Orlando after some political bullshit with that pathetic little store I worked for. I would have moved earlier but I wanted to stay until after the playoffs but enough was enough. Frank was sad to hear I was leaving. At game five of the Nets series I promised him I'll drive down for games the next round. Sure enough I drove down for game 3 of the conference finals and I told him I would be back for the finals, Frank was shock to see me talking about the Finals already.

    I had to work during game 6 of the conference finals but my friend Moe text me with the scores and when I got home I turned on Espn and I felt the euphoria of making it to the finals, I wished I was in Miami for that game but even up in Orlando I felt the feeling. We tried to get tickets for the finals but no luck we didn't get any. I was going down to Miami during game three so I figured we could try our luck with scalpers. Frank and I didn't see any scalpers sicne we came three hours early I decided to check out the ticket office even though Frank said it was terrible idea and sure enough I found tickets for face value!

Yeah Finals bitches!


    All I can say is that going to that game was the most euphoric experience of my life. I convinced Frank to come to the game saying we will be there for the first finals game and for the turnaround. Wade had an unbelievable game and I experience the best feeling ever. I was still flying on a high on my way back to Orlando. There I watched the last three games with Victor. I must say Zo really got me pumped with his five blocks

I won't forget Zo.



    June 20th game 6 Miami has a 3-2 series lead and I mentioned to Victor that the game would end on my birthday. The game ended about 12:01 AM eastern time, what a great birthday present! They had a great comeback and won four straight games. My friend Damien called me Mr. Optimistic because I told him not to worry after they fell into a 0 -2 hole. I feel happy for Zo; his poster has been hanging in my room back in Miami for the past eleven years. Winning the championship meant a lot to me because I was there when they fell down seven times but got up the eighth time…

Enjoy it all!


Best Heat team ever


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Thank you!

Well its now June 22nd and my birthday ended yesterday. The Miami Heat won the championship on my birthday (12:01AM eastern time). I took off my b-day notification and was curious to see who would remember my birthday.
People who wished me a early happy birthday
People who wished me a happy birthday on June 21st
Victor x3
Ashley x2
Moe x2
Courtney x2*
Andres x2
Alfonso x2*
Linda x2
Well 20 people, pretty good. There were three notable exceptions (Arturo and Adam mainly).Victor wished me happy birthday three times three different ways to become my 2006 MVP. Ashley, Moe, Andres and Linda did it twice. Thanx guys: Well to all 20 of you guys thank you I really appreciate the way you all maintain and enhance my self esteem. This just in, Eddie and Frank both wished me a happy belated birthday ha. *Editor note. Fonz and Courtney both wished me a happy b day online so they both get credit for a double happy b-day lol. You guys rock!

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Is she a whore?

    Hmm I just realized something, Rap music has been my main choice of music for over half my life. I like hip hop… GET OVER IT. I wasn't destined to fall in love with some white boy yelling for attention, let the depressed upper middle classers have him.

    Remember that Chris Rock special Bring the Pain? At the end he was talking about relationships and how guys always want to know how many guys his girlfriend been with. His response was simple, "who cares! Just be glad you're fucking her now" He also said no matter what her answer is, it will be too much for us. Also in Clerks when Dante reveled how many girls he slept with his girlfriend called him a pig, than he found out she went down on 37 guys (ouch).
So how much is too much? Well it varies by age so here are my rules.
We'll go by age; it's not fair to hold 26 years old to the same as an 18 year old. Let's take a look at the 20-24 age demographic.

20: max 3. Ideal 2 and under
21: max 3 .Ideal 2 and under
22: max 4. Ideal 3 and under
23: max 4. Ideal 3 and under
24: max 5. Ideal 3 and under
Teenagers shouldn't go over 2.
Ok, now let's face it, there are always exceptions. So yes, you can go over the max given. Girls who slept with 5-9 guys can have these exceptions.
Exception 1: At least 75f the guys she slept with were from relationships 2 months or longer
Exception 2: We click so well that I don't care.
Exception 3: You look so good that I don't care
Exception 4: The guy just wants a fling.

Always use condoms, especially with the exceptions. Hell with the exceptions I won't consider not using condoms until after we dated for at least 6 months and I will make sure you took a blood test.

How far can you take an exception? I say at 5-9 they can apply for an exception. It's up to the guy to decide. For example the girl is 20, slept with 8 guys with only 2 of them coming from relationships lasting 2 months. I'm sorry but she has to be denied.

    What do I do if the girl is at 10 or higher? Well let's say she slept with 12 guys but 9 of them came from relationships lasting at least 2 months? She meets exception 1, but honestly just looks into exception 3 or 4 and make sure you protect yourself. Girls who hit double digits shouldn't meet exception 2 because with exception 2 girls, you want to be able to bring home to your parents. Double digit girls are not recommended.

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